What’s In My Bag?

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About a year ago I did a post on “What’s In My Bag University Edition.” & now a year later I thought it will be a good idea to do another one, but instead a handbag edition. So let’s get started! šŸ˜€

25086761_1793478074036889_1361681150_oThis is probably one of my favorite purchases I’ve ever done. & I am so glad I actually bought it. It is a simple but yet classy black handbag from Zara that I purchased during spring. Was thinking about it for quite some time but so happy that I did the damage. šŸ˜›

As you can see it comes with a smaller “bag” which I think it is super useful especially to keep more important things, for example, passport. I usually keep some cash & my passport inside this compartment.


A glimpse of items that are commonly found in my bag. As I am editing this post, I realised that I forgot to include two items which I want to quickly mention. I also always have a lipstick in my handbag, depending on which lipstick I was wearing that day, I will bring it along with me in case I need to reapply.

I also have my house keys in my bag but usually when I arrive home, I hang them at the corridor area, & my house keys is the last item I bring with me before I leave the house. Hence it is not included in the picture because it was hanging outside my corridor. šŸ˜›


I realised I have a lot of red going on but I promise it is not intentional. Red isn’t really my favorite colour but somehow the things I owned are red in colour. šŸ˜›

The pink little thing is actually my cards holder. I usually put it inside my red Guess purse but for picture purpose I took it out. & I’ve been using my Guess purse for a few years now. It is a Christmas present from my grandma, absolutely love it. šŸ˜€

Of course, I always leave the house with my passport. So finally, for those who have been reading my blog/first timer, I am a Malaysian & that’s my nationality. šŸ˜€ Next, can never forget my tumbler. I always have a bottle of water with me whenever I go. & this Starbucks tumbler fits just right inside my bag. Not to forget the current supplement I am taking too. Sometimes I am not too sure how long I might stay out, so my supplement is always with me just in case. šŸ™‚


If you know me very well, you know my love towards books. & don’t get me started on spending time in the bookstores. I can spend hours & hours inside the bookstore & just browse through different books. So of course, I always have a book with me. Well technically not always but most of the time.

Currently I am reading this book by Gretchen Rubin called “Better Than Before.” I highly recommend her books, I am a huge fan! šŸ˜€ I also bring a notebook & a pen with me just in case I want to jot down some notes/I have ideas that I want to write them down before they slipped my mind.

So yeah, this is basically the items I have inside my handbag. I definitely recommend buying a bag that’s just the right size. It will be spacious enough to put all the necessities inside & you will not be accumulating junks. Girls, we are all guilty of accumulating junks inside our handbags. šŸ˜›

I hope you guys enjoyed this little short post of mine & have a great day ahead! <3



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