How To Pack Light For A Week. (Winter Edition)

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As you guys are reading this post, I’ve already left for my short winter trip to Amsterdam. Honestly, packing is the only thing I dislike doing while traveling. But I thought it’ll be fun to show you guys what I bring with me & how I pack a week worth of clothes. 😀

The goal is to travel as light as possible because honestly after years of traveling I’ve learned that it is much easier to travel light, it makes life easier & you really don’t have to debate on what to wear. Just bring neutral clothes that are easy to pair. With a few simple clothing items you can turn them into different outfits for different days.

25086799_1793710800680283_1593710255_oLet’s start with inner wear. On the left I have two long sleeves. They are inner wears for layering in case the weather gets chilly/I accidentally dirty any of my sweaters I can just wear them & layer with a cardigan.

3 pairs of socks (change every two days), 7 pairs of panties, 4 bras (change every other day). I know it does not show very well on picture but I brought 3 pairs of tights. For when the weather is cold & I can layer them under my jeans.

Oh I forgot, I also brought a set of pajamas.

25075354_1793710884013608_1390093542_oI packed 4 sweaters with me, interchange them on different days. & one formal/semi formal top for special occasion just in case. A thick sweater that my mum bought me from Korea, & a brown cardigan, both for extra layering.

25075332_1793710917346938_348800072_oNow onto outerwears. I brought two pairs of jeans (one blue, one black), a skirt, & a thick legging because you really want to be comfortable while travelling. 😀 Two scarfs (maroon infinity scarf, brown scarf) & two coats because I cannot decide. 😛

25129842_1793710947346935_1168458245_oI believe skincare & makeup are the items that are hardest for girls. But I keep everything to minimal because through my travelling experience I do not have time to do full face of makeup & I usually keep my skincare super minimal.

On the top left I have my Cetaphil cleanser, contact lens solution & makeup remover in a bag. Then another bag I have my Kiehl’s mask (I cannot live without it), cleansing oil & cotton pads. First cosmetic bag on the top right are my shower products. Basically travel sized shampoo, shower oil, shaver, toothbrush & toothpaste. Then in the middle I have all my skincare products. I will do a more in depth post on my skincare very soon. & last I have all my makeup essentials inside my little Ren makeup bag.

I hope this post inspired you/gave you an idea of how to pack light for a trip since the holiday season is around the corner. Especially if you are a girl, I totally understand that you want to bring your entire closet with you if you can. 😛

Have a lovely weekend you guys. 😀 <3



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