Hello everyone! 😀 I hope you all have a beautiful week so far. And I am noticing that I love to talk about my Acne Journey/Skincare on Thursdays. So I guess Thursdays shall officially be Skincare Thursday. (hashtag) 😛

Anyway, instead of continuing my acne journey this week, I’ve decided to talk a little bit about skin. If you have missed out my three parts of acne journey, I will link them here. Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

Over the years since acne has affected me, I definitely started to learn a lot about my own skin & hopefully these little tips that I’ve learned managed to help you out. 😀

Do you ever have days when your skin suddenly freaks out? What I meant is when you have not change your skincare routine or did any major changes but suddenly your skin is breaking out. First of all, do not panic! I know how hard it is to not panic & get upset because trust me, by nature I easily panic but recently I have managed to calm myself a lot during different situations which I am super proud of myself. 😛

  • If you’re a woman, probably it is about the time of the month.

Unfortunately I have not found a magic potion on how to avoid breakout around time of the month, but it is totally normal to have a few monsters creeping out around that time. You ladies get what I mean. Over the years when I was trying to figure out the root to my acne problem, I’ve started to keep track of my menstrual cycle.

Note: It is important to always keep track of your own cycle whether you have acne or not. This allows you to know & learn about your body more which is super important.

A little short story about my menstrual cycle:

I started getting my first period when I was 12 years old. It was normal, regular, no cramps or any abnormalities. Until the age of 13, I suddenly had super heavy flow of menstruation that lasted two weeks! No, I am not exaggerating. I had two weeks worth of heavy menstruation where I needed to wear adult diapers. Obviously at that point I became anemic & was admitted to the hospital. Long story short, was put on hormonal pills to regulate back my hormones for about half a year. Gained a lot of weight due to its side effect, always tease by boys & you get the drill.

Now I am 23 years old, thank God the same incident never ever happened again. *touch wood. My cycle is not regular, some months I missed my menstruation. & I noticed this happens when I do not take good care of my body. What I meant was generally a bad lifestyle habits. Eating bad food, screwed up sleeping schedule, under a lot of stress & etc. It definitely took a toll on my skin when I start to slack with my habits. So it is pretty safe to say my hormones are quite sensitive. 😛

If you have read my November favorites, I mentioned that Evening Primrose Oil is my current favorite supplement. I started taking them about 4 months ago when I decided that part of my acne was due to hormonal changes. It has done wonders for my skin since then! My jawlines literally cleared up within few days of taking them. Til to this day I am still taking them, my skin breaks out lesser, much clearer & more glowy. Now I do not want to say this supplement helped me 100%, because I am pretty sure my skincare & the things I eat plays an important role as well. & I definitely noticed my hair is healthier & grows faster as well.

So if you suspect the root of your acne is due to hormonal issue, definitely check out this supplement. Even though some people out there do get some side effects from this supplement, but in my opinion this natural approach is far better than putting synthetic hormone pills into your body.

  • Detox.

When my skin freaks out, the first sign that I’ve noticed is definitely breakouts & increase clogged pores aka under the skin bumps on my forehead. & now that I look back it all made perfect sense. I started getting bumpy forehead during weeks when I started to slack with my habits. Junk/fast food, drank lesser water, ate lesser vegetables & etc.

So when my skin freaks out, the first thing I do is to go on detox for a week. Now, I am definitely not that kind of person who heavily goes into detox for example only eat salads/drink smoothies for a week. I listen to my body & gives what it wants.

Usually during my detox week I drink at least a cup of green tea everyday. If you have matcha powder it works better. Green tea has so many great benefits & it helps to detox & cleanse the impurities inside your body. I normally do not add any other ingredients into my green tea, but if you want you can add honey, lemon or ginger. It is perfect especially during winter months like right now. 😛

Then I also like to make myself a smoothie everyday. It is best to drink a cup of smoothie every morning but now that the weather is getting colder it is impossible for my body to drink something cold in the morning. So I typically do it in the evening. Unfortunately my blender broke down, so I haven’t been drinking smoothie for awhile. 🙁 Definitely need to go get a new blender.

But anyway, smoothie is packed with a lot of antioxidants which is superb for your skin & overall health in general. Brightens your skin & helps those hyperpigmentations to heal slightly faster. 🙂 I usually put a banana, some frozen blueberries, frozen pineapples & water. Because I am lactose intolerant, so I do not add milk into my smoothie. If you want you can add almond/soy milk/yogurt into yours. I also add some chia seeds & golden hemp seeds. But I recommend to stay away from diary if you have skin issues.

Ps: I was never allergic to any pollens/dust/food/fruits/lactose intolerance until about 2 years ago. Having food allergies really do suck especially when I love eating. Something went wrong with my immune system & probably link to hormonal changes. (I could be wrong but allergies & acne hit me around the same time.)

  • Sleeping schedule/Disturbed sleep.

If you live in the 21st century where you have a smartphone, social media accounts like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, we are all guilty of scrolling our phones instead of going to bed earlier.

Aside from this guilty confession of mine, I had very terrible sleeping problem way back since spring. No matter how tired I am physically & mentally, I just could not bring myself to sleep. & when I finally fall asleep, my sleep is often disturbed by nightmares. & I think this definitely contributed to my skin issues because quality rest is so important. Your body is healing, recharging & regenerating while you sleep. & I had the poorest sleep for a few months.

Went back home for summer & told my mum about my sleeping problem, she bought some dried rose petals & made me a cup of tea with it every night. I was told to drink it before bed because apparently it has benefit of relaxing our body & hence helps us to sleep better. Initially I was pretty skeptical about it, I wasn’t expecting anything from it. But since I always love anything rose scented, drinking a cup of rose tea everyday isn’t a problem for me. 😛

The first night after that cup of rose tea, trust me! I had the best sleep ever! I slept like a baby & wasn’t affected by nightmares. I was literally amazed & relieved at the same time because finally, I can sleep in peace. At that point I was so emotionally & physically drained, I literally needed all the sleep in the world.

Now I incorporate different flower blends into my tea & drink them at night before bed. Initially I make myself a cup every night, but I’ve forgotten about it for awhile. & guess what? Recently I was hit with nightmares again! :O Definitely highly recommend flower tea, now it makes me wonder why I did not include it into my November favorites? 🙁 But it will definitely appear in my December favorites, I already know. 😀

  • Drink a lot of water/sweat it out.

Detox week is not complete without chucking down tonnes of water & tea. I know it is not easy to do detox week especially most of the time you will be out & it is inconvenient to go to the bathroom like what? Every 5 minutes? 😛 But you gotta do what you gotta do. You need to really flush out those toxins that has been building up in your body. & to speed up the process, do exercises/workout & sweat them all out. Honestly I am not the best when it comes to workout. But I do go for stretching classes & I love the healthy glow after each workout session. 😀

  • Load up with vegetables.

Vegetables are loaded with a lot of water as well, so it can increase your water content & in general flush out all the bad stuff. I’ll confess, I do not have the perfect diet & sometimes I forget about my vegetables. During my detox week I love to have steam vegetables for dinner. No oil, just season them with pink sea salt & pepper. I have read that dark leafy greens are beneficial if you have acne issue. Unfortunately I cannot get my hands on kale here but I’ve been a huge fan of broccoli! So yes, usually my bowl of steam vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, & season them with pink sea salt & pepper.

These are generally the things I do when my skin freaks out & things I’ve learned about my body. Remember, your body is yours & you are responsible to take good care of it. <3




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