Hello everyone! 😀

Finally back to doing one of these “What I Eat In A Day”. I think I should definitely do this more often so that it helps me to plan ahead what I want to prepare & have better eating habits too. 😛

To be honest, I am not much of a morning person, let alone having breakfast in the morning. Usually my stomach does not want any food if my day starts super early. But on this particular day I am having strawberry instant oats. Super delicious & filling. If you want you can add some fruits/granola on top but I didn’t had any on hand so I just ate it as it is. 🙂

But typically my choice of breakfasts are a cup of hot chocolate/instant oats. Honestly, I usually head out empty stomach. 😛

On this particular day I wasn’t feeling lunch. & I had to pick up a parcel & decided to just have a cup of coffee & my favorite apple pie from McDonald’s. Did some reading too because it has been too damn long since I read. Not to forget gotta stay hydrated with one of my favorite tumbler from Berlin. 😀

For dinner I had baked honey lemon chicken with ginger. Also added steam broccoli & cauliflower because they are my favorite vegetables. & I prepped extra for the next day. It usually depends on what I feel like. Sometimes I eat my prep meal for lunch, sometimes for dinner.

Not to forget, throughout the day I also try to finish a liter of water & also take my daily supplement.

I apologize that today’s post is kinda short, I’ve just been feeling a little lazy & sluggish since the weekend. 🙁



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