Hello everyone! 😀

I really miss doing these monthly favorites as I have not been doing them for a few months. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of makeup items to share recently because I have not been doing shopping for new makeup as right now I am more focus on skincare. In the future I wan to talk more about skincare so I apologize for the lack of makeup tutorials. But I will try my best to come up with tutorials as the holiday season is near! 😀

Note: These are not just my November favorites. I’ve been using them for a few months. Basically my few months favorites in a post. 😛


First item I would like to talk about is this Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. I left all my body lotions in Moscow when I went back to Malaysia for summer break. For some odd reason even though it was hot & humid in Malaysia my skin was still rather dry.

This body lotion smells heavenly, first of all. :O I basically smell like chocolate after applying it all over my body. It is yellow in color, & has a rather thick & creamy consistency. But the product absorbed right into my skin after I evenly distributed it.

Honestly, I do not have the habit of moisturizing my body every single day. It is something I struggle with daily. 😛 Yes, guilty as charged. But this body lotion is perfect for the colder months, & it is not very expensive too.

Ps: the free travel size comes in handy. I can quickly pop it into my luggage as it will not take up a lot of spaces. 🙂


If you have read my review I did on this baby recently, I am sure it is a no surprise that she appears on my favorite. I really do not want to sound dramatic but this is definitely a skincare life saver!

I put two drops of this every single night before bed as last step of my skincare routine. I am a huge fan of lavender so this beauty oil is basically a gift from heaven, lol. Yes, I know I can be quite dramatic at times. 😛 I also purchased Kiehl’s Cleansing Oil from the same line over the weekend in conjunction of Black Friday Sales. I was running out of my cleansing milk & I figured since I am so impressed with the performance of this midnight concentrate, I will give their cleansing oil a try.

Will do a more in depth review probably in a few months time. Every reviews I have done on my blog is based on my true & honest opinion. I wanted to test them out for a good few months so that I really know how I feel about them & come up with an honest review to my readers. 😀


I do not want to cover too much about this supplement because I want to save it for a future post. But if you read part 2 of my acne journey  I did briefly mentioned I started taking Evening Primrose Oil for 3 months now. It has tremendously helped with my hormonal acne & I cannot thank this product enough.

If you struggle with hormonal acne I definitely highly recommend you look into this supplement instead of going on contraceptive pills.


No matter how many lipsticks I have in my collection, I can never resist myself to stop buying more. 😛This is the Nyx’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade “Soft Spoken”. The perfect everyday/MLBB lip color for me. I also featured this product on my everyday makeup routine video, so check it out if you haven already. 🙂

So there you go. This conclude my November favorites. Not a lot of products but I definitely love them so much. I mean, if I use each of them every single day it just proves how much love I have for them. 😛



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