Review: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

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Hello everyone, I hope you all have been well. πŸ™‚

This is definitely a post I’ve been very excited to share with. I’ve been wanting to buy this product since few years ago & few months back I’ve finally decided to splurge on it. πŸ˜€ Never been happier with my decision. I’ve been putting this on a test for close to 3 months now & definitely more than ready to share what I think of this product.

Before I go into a more in depth review of this product, I was initially looking for a night time moisturizer/oil to help with my redness caused by hyperpigmentations from my post acne. I’ve also been taking Evening Primrose Oil as a supplement for my skin for a few months & saw great results on my skin & hair. So when I was doing my research EPO was one of the ingredient list so I’ve decided to give this a go despite the hefty price tag.


According to Kiehl’s website:

This top-rated face serum is formulated with ingredients like Lavender Essential Oil and Evening Primrose Oil to replenish skin by morning.

  • Restores overnight to help skin repair itself from daily aggressors
  • Improves firmness and elasticity for replenished, radiant skin
  • Formulated with a blend of essential oils and distilled botanicals including Lavender Essential Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Squalane
  • A customer favorite

They come in 3 different sizes & I went with the 30 ml. I am only in my early 20s so I cannot comment on how well it helps with wrinkles & skin elasticity. & honestly, result is not immediate. It took about a week to finally wake up & see my skin is more radiant & well rested. & I think about one month mark to finally see improvements on acne/hyperpigmentations.

Ps: I do not want to fully give credit on this product that helped clearing my skin but after incorporating this into my routine I’ve definitely seen big changes in my skin.

Despite the price tag, a little goes a long way with this little gem. I put two drops into my fingers, warmed it up & inhaled the beautiful lavender scent before applying onto my skin. Some people complained that the scent is too strong for them, so you might want to walk in store to check it out before purchasing it. I was given a few samples few years back & remembered clearly that my skin loved it since then.


It comes in a dark blue bottle as you can see. I assumed it is to preserve the oil so it last longer. Definitely a sucker of apothecary packaging. πŸ˜› & I always appreciate when products come with a dropper, definitely make life a lot easier.


The oil is colorless but with a beautiful lavender essential scent. I am a huge fan of lavender so this is definitely my guilty pleasure before bed. πŸ˜› Consistency of the oil is rather light-weight & “dry”. I do not know how to describe the feeling precisely, you have to try it out yourself.


After I’ve evenly distributed on my skin & slightly massaged & pat the product in. As you can see it did not immediately sink into my skin. Even though it looks oily but I do not feel heaviness on my skin.


About few minutes later, my skin fully absorbed the product. πŸ˜€ I was definitely expecting a lot from this product because I do not want to waste my money on something that does not help my skin, & at the same time I was worried that it might break me out even more. Fortunately every morning I wake up to soft, supple, hydrated & well rested skin.

But when I first started using it I was with a mindset that I need a lot of patience & accept the fact that results will not be immediate. This is something I’ve learned about skincare over the years. Do not expect to see results immediately. Your skin needs time to adapt to the change. That is why it is important to be patient & stick to the same skincare routine for a few months to finally see improvements.

I wished I have before & after pictures to show you but unfortunately I don’t, so you just have to take my words that my skin was not doing very great few months back. But I have a couple of progression pictures to share with you guys after using this product/consistent with my skincare routine for about 4 months. (as I’ve mentioned I do not want to give full credit on this product)

So nerve wrecking to share them but here we go! πŸ™




I really did not intend to share these online so excuse my really terrible “I just woke up face” with dark circles & duck faces. πŸ˜› These were taken about 1.5 months after incorporating this facial oil into my routine.

As you can see I have quite a number of redness around my cheek line due to hyperpigmentation from the post acne. & slightly brownish discoloration around my jawline because it is still healing from the breakout over the summer. My jawline was not a happy bear during summer, it was literally covered with spots. πŸ™




These were taken literally this morning. As you can see I have a couple of spots on my jawline because it’s time of the month so yeah. πŸ™

So yes, this is current how my skin looks like. She’s not perfect but definitely came a long way.

I will recommend anyone out there to try out this product. Kiehl’s never disappoints. I am also so in love with their clay mask & I have already repurchased a few times. No, I am not sponsored/paid to say this even though I wished I am. πŸ˜› If you have combination, acne prone skin like me do not hesitate to give this product a try. You might also want to walk into the store & asked for samples before splurging on it. But trust me, it is so worth it. This 30 ml bottle is going to last me for a long time, considering I only use two drops every night.

Oh, this product retails for 3500 rubles in Russia.

I hope this little review of mine helped you to make your decision easier. πŸ˜› Stay happy & positive because it will definitely reflects on your skin. πŸ˜€ Have a beautiful weekend everyone!



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