Current Favorite Lip Combo.

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I often get questions on what’s on my lips so finally I am doing a post on my current favorite lip combinations. I think they are perfect for everyday makeup as they look super natural. Most of them are shades that you don’t have to think a lot & you can just grab them put them on & rush out the door. 🙂

I would also like to apologize because the swatches on my hands look very similar but I promise they look super different in real life. 🙁

Let’s start off with lip pencils. Honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of lip pencils until I found this gem about a month ago. I’ve been using it religiously this month. It is the Nyx’s Lip Liner in the shade “Ever Toujours”/SPL 828. 

I would describe it as a mauvy pink with a hint of brown undertone. Perfect for any seasons. Sometimes when I am lazy I will just pop this shade & head out the door. 🙂

The next lip pencil is Nyx’s Lip Liner in the shade “Peekaboo Neutral”/”SPL 860”. 

Gorgeous shade of pink but unfortunately it is slightly lighter than my lip colour so I couldn’t pull this shade off alone. I usually have to top it off with a lipstick.

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know how much I adore this lipstick. & as a picture evidence I am almost out of it! 🙁 This is Mac’s Taupe. My perfect MLBB shade.

It looks brownish whenever I do a hand swatch but on my lips it is lighter with a hint of peach.

This is how it looks like when wearing it alone. Sometimes when I am looking for more pinkish instead of peachy I will pair this with Nyx’s Peekaboo Neutral.

Gosh’s Matte Lipstick in the shade “Antique”. Wasn’t a huge fan of this shade when I first purchased it but now I cannot live without it. 😛

Mauvy pink with a cool undertone to it which is why I initially thought I couldn’t pull off this shade. But fortunately with a little eyeshadow + liner with this lipstick it looks stunning. 😀

This is how it looks like when it is worn alone. I’ve been wearing this makeup look so much last autumn & winter. Yes, not even guilty to admit. 😛

Recently I have been digging this combo a lot. Nyx’s Lip Liner Ever Toujours” + Gosh’s Antique. I think they make a beautiful combo and if you are still into the Kylie Jenner lip, check this combo out. 🙂

A hand swatch with this combination. 🙂

Without any edit to show you how it looks like on my lips. Perfect for everyday makeup in my opinion. Gosh’s Antique definitely helps to lighten the lip liner and it makes it super natural. 🙂

I kinda cheated with this combination because I practically just discovered it today. 😛 But I can see myself wearing a ton this spring/summer.

Was a little bored with only using Mac’s Taupe on my lips. So adding Nyx’s Ever Toujours make this combination more brownish but at the same time super natural and wearable.

So this concludes my current go to lip combination. Most of the products here are super affordable, except Mac. 😛 Hope you guys found some helpful tips for your future lip liners/lipsticks hunt. 😀



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