GRWM: Makeup + Outfit.

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Hello everyone! 🙂

Literally just came home from a celebration for my close friend’s birthday. 😀 Had an awesome time so today I decided to do a get ready with me post makeup + outfit.

I’ve been using these two palettes religiously for all my eye makeup looks. Best investment I ever made? 😛

Primed my eyes before hand with Nars’ eye primer. By now you guys should know how much I love that eye shadow primer. 😀 Then I use the shade “Half Baked” & put it all over my eyelid with a flat and dense brush.

Next, I take the shade “Limit” with a soft and fluffy brush and put it all over my crease as well as slightly above it as a transitional colour.

And to define my eyes a little I use “Nooner” around the outer V and added “Darkside” to define it more. 🙂

Lastly, I blend them all in once again with a fluffy brush.

To complete the eye makeup, I use my L’Oreal Super liner and did my usual wing. (today was a bad day for my wing on my right eye, I had to redo it so many times and it didn’t look good.) 🙁 Curled my lashes with H&M’s eyelash curler then top it off with Maybelline’s Lash Sensational.

Trying to improve my makeup tutorials’ by taking more close up eye makeup looks. 🙂

Unfortunately I have the typically straight and short Asian lashes. 😛

For my cheeks area it’s pretty self explanatory. First, I use the Lancome’s cushion blush in the shade “Splash Orange”. I honestly love this shade a lot. Initially I thought I could never pull off a shade like this but it is super natural & spring/summer appropriate. 😀

I did not go heavy on contour/bronzing so I just lightly use Lush’s Charisma skin tint to define my cheekbones a little. & to top it all off of course I cannot forget my highlight. Been obsessed with Lush’s Feeling Younger skin tint. It has been my go to highlighter. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for the weather to get warmer to finally be able to wear this lipstick. This is Smashbox’s Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in the shade “Publicist”.

Makeup tutorial wouldn’t be complete without some shameless selfies of course. 😛

Now onto the outfit. It was a super last minute outfit that I put together.

Top: H&M.

Pants: I don’t know where my mum got it from.

Shoes: Charles & Keith.

Bag: Zara.

I am still super camera awkward and it makes me wonder how other girls can pose so well in front of the camera.

Sorry I just had to. I feel like ootd wouldn’t be complete without me doing silly poses/faces. 🙂

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed this makeup look + outfit that I put together. Unfortunately I have finals to study so hopefully I can put up a post this Saturday. Hope you guys understand. 🙂



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