NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer Corrector Review.

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Hello beautiful people over the internet! 😀

Sorry for being MIA for quite some time. I just feel like a lot has happened recently but anyway, I am finally back with a review. Recently I have been testing out these NYX HD concealers & I think I am ready to finally give them a review. 🙂

I bought this Nyx HD Concealer in green because I’ve been dealing with acne/hyperpigmentations so I thought green will help me to cancel out the redness. This is in the shade “CW 12”.

This shade is creamy and light weight. And a little definitely goes a long way. You shouldn’t apply too much because it is quite difficult to cover up the green with concealer/foundation if you apply too much. The first time I applied too much & I ended up wasting a lot of concealer just to cover up the green. 🙁

This is how it looks like when it is well blended out. I’ve experiment using only concealer and also with foundation to cover up. By far my favorite technique is to use foundation because it is easier that way. So nowadays I only pair this concealer with foundation. 🙂

Finally ran out of my Maybelline Better Than Skin concealer and it is time to get a new one. I got this Nyx’s concealer in the shade “CW 6.5”. 

Compare this with Maybelline’s Better Than Skin concealer, this one is more creamy but at the same time it doesn’t feel cakey. The coverage is also better than Maybelline’s. Maybelline’s one is more runny & I realised I need to use more product on my problem areas.

This is how it looks like when it is well blended in. I am aware that it doesn’t match the shade of my hand but it is my exact skin colour. 😛

Last but not least, the shade “CW 3.5” for my under eye. The weather is slowly getting warmer these days and I cannot wear Benefit’s Fake Up concealer anymore because it is too hydrating for my under eye.

I recommend picking a shade to two shade lighter than your actual skin colour as your under eye concealer. It will definitely helps to brighten up your eyes & makes you look less tired.

This shade is almost the same shade as my hand but I hope you can see a difference. 😛 Anyway I absolutely love this as an under eye concealer. It doesn’t cake/settled into fine lines & last all day even if I did not set it with a powder. Coverage is about medium to full. (all of these concealers)

And onto the part where I show you the power of these concealers. Honestly I am a little anxious & worried to even post pictures of my naked skin online because I am always very bothered with my skin. It is not perfect and I get insecure because of it. 🙁

As you can see I am dealing with some hyperpigmentations. And naturally I have eye bags but over the years I started having under eye circles too! 😛

My sexy eye bags. 😛 And an imperfect face. 🙂

Tadaa! I honestly think these concealers does an awesome job. This makeup was only with concealers, without foundation. And on a daily basis I prefer to only conceal certain areas instead of wearing a full face of foundation.

They retail for 480 rubles each and I think it is reasonably cheap considering how well they work. I did not notice any increased breakout or any allergic reactions from them. & I definitely highly recommend you guys to check them out if you are looking for a good drugstore concealer. 🙂

Hope you guys find this review helpful and have a good weekend ahead. 😀



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    1. Hello, unfortunately in Russia these concealers were labelled in numbers instead of names. You should go to Nyx’s stores to get them check out. I am so sorry I couldn’t help.

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