TBT: Trip To Budapest.

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It is supposedly spring here but every year during the transitioning season the weather gets unstable. It has been chilly, grey & rainy but on lucky days you get sunshine.

Anyway today throws me back to the day when I went to Budapest with my boyfriend. This was one of the much needed getaway in between our semester break. 😀


Beautiful view at Citadella right before sunset. I remembered that was the day we arrived & the night before we were so excited we barely slept. 😛 It was also grey & rainy that day hence it wasn’t an easy climb up the hill. I wanted to give up so badly half way because the slope was covered with ice! Yes, my biggest nightmare during winter. 🙁

Thankfully I did not give up & was rewarded with these beautiful sceneries. 😀

2. Free Walking Tour.

I definitely highly recommend joining free walking tours especially in countries where English is not their first language. I learned so many histories about this beautiful place & was told that Budapest isn’t pronounced as “Budapest” but “Budapesh”. I was pretty mind blown. 😛 These pictures were taken at Fisherman Bastion. Unfortunately it was raining that evening, a little chilly & we were rushing in time so we didn’t really get to admire the view for long.

The largest church in Budapest, St. Stephen Basilica. I love going into churches, sit down & just free my mind. I feel safe, peaceful & happy. 🙂

3. Food!

We were so used to the small portion & expensive priced food in Moscow we actually got pretty shocked when we arrived here. Food is cheap & portion is huge!

This is one of the meals we had in a pretty nice restaurant & with that kind of price you can’t get it here in Moscow. As you can already guess, we barely managed to finish our food. 😛 I liked their homemade pasta but my boyfriend is not a fan of it.

Thankfully we ordered a soup to share instead of having one for each. Look at that size! It was definitely a hearty soup on a chilly rainy day. 😀

I am not too sure what is the name of this pastry in Hungarian but basically it is a bread with different flavors of your choice & top it off with sugar. Seeing these pictures right now makes me want to eat it again so bad! 🙁 It is super delicious & you should definitely try it when you’re in Budapest.

Ps: can never go wrong with cinnamon flavor. 😛

4. Thermal Bath.

I am saving the best for last! Your Budapest trip isn’t complete if you do not visit a thermal bath. You might be thinking it’s such a crazy idea to be in an outdoor thermal bath on a winter night. But trust me the experience is worth while! 😀

We went to Szechenyi thermal bath after a long day walking around. Our feet were sore from all the walking & this is the perfect time to dip inside the thermal bath & just relax. Not to forget it was rainy that particular night too!

Budapest was a short & amazing trip. One of the best getaways I ever had. 🙂



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