Mini/Emergency Groceries Haul.

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I usually prefer to get my weekly groceries done in a larger supermarket because it is cheaper. But of course there are days like this where I don’t have the time/lazy so I went to a smaller groceries store near my place to get my weekly shopping done. I like to call it my emergency plan. 😛

I recently just ran out of this muesli which I’ve featured in my recent “What I ate in a day” post & I repurchased it. It’s basically muesli with dried fruits & shredded coconut. Super delicious & it’s not too sweet which I appreciate. 🙂 & of course I’ve got to restock my no lactose milk.

I also got some bananas because it’s one of my favorite fruits. 😛 Usually I will either eat it as a quick breakfast if I am rushing out the door/I’ll blend it with my smoothie. These days when I cannot finish my bananas on time & when they are over ripped I’ll bake banana bread & have them during breakfast/tea time with a cup of green tea. 😀

I’ve been craving for yogurt for the longest time ever because I was on a no dairy diet. Super happy to finally have yogurt back to my life! 😀 These are currently my all time favorite yogurt. I’ve restocked them countless amount of time. One is blueberry with buckwheat I believe? I am not too sure. & another one is original flavour with wheat. They are both favorite flavors. 😀

I am a huge fan of pasta so of course my groceries shopping wouldn’t be complete without some good old pasta. 😛 & I bought some tomatoes with mushroom sauce to go with it. Honestly I am not a huge fan of bolognese but I recently I’ve been craving for it. So I also bought some pre-made beef balls. They are super convenient. You can just quickly pop them into the oven/stir fry them. 🙂

I take snack time very seriously so of course I have to have some sweet stuff/chocolates in my life. 😀 The chocolate biscuits on the left is not too sweet which I like, plus it has chocolate chips in it too! Good for days when I am craving for chocolate chips cookies but this is the healthier version. & another one is “nutella” stick waffles which is super sweet. I don’t think I will repurchase again. 🙁

& that basically conclude my emergency/mini groceries haul. Usually I will get chicken/fish but because it’s pricier to get in smaller groceries stores so I have to wait til I make a trip to the one that I usually go to.

Oh, today is the first day of Chinese New Year as well. Hereby wishing everyone a happy & prosperous new year. Be healthy & happy always. 😀



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