Another month had flew by again and here we are, entering a new year! :O I do not have a lot of favorites this month because I’ve been living in my own comfort zone instead of venturing into new things. But anyway I still have some stuff which I’ve been using so much over the month and would like to share with you guys. So, without any further ado let’s get started! 😀


December wouldn’t be complete without this highlighter from Colourpop. This is in the shade “Lunch Money”. I wear this almost every single day as it gives me a natural glow which I am super in love with. The formulation is super smooth and creamy. If you’re looking for a budget highlighter I definitely recommend this one! 😀

Was trying to come out from my comfort zone and not wear my usual shades and I found this in my makeup bag long forgotten. It’s the Gosh’s matte lipstick in the shade “Antique”. I think this is the nudest shade and coolest tone I can ever pull off. Great for everyday natural look to class/work.

I think this is by far the longest perfume I’ve owned. It has been a great 2 years with this perfume. Honestly speaking, I am not a perfume kind of person but over the years I’ve tried venturing into perfumes. I prefer fresh, clean, and calming scents if you get what I mean.

As you can see I am almost running out of this Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume. This is definitely one of my favorite scent because it reminds me of my 21st birthday every time I wear it. 😀 Bittersweet feeling as I am running out of this but I can’t wait to venture into new scents as well. 🙂


This Uniqlo Snoopy sweater was something that I’ve been eyeing on for some time but they never have my size in store. So I resorted to buying the mustard colour one last month and ended up my favorite as well. This month I went into store and they finally have my size plus it’s on discount as well, what a steal! 😀

Easily one of my favorite sweatshirt this month because of the quote:” To live is to dance”. Wore this almost every time I go for my ballet classes. 🙂

This is sort of cheating to put in my December favorites because technically I only got this fairly recent. But it is also something I’ve been eyeing on Pull & Bear’s website but it is always out of stock. I know, common size problem. 🙁 Obsessed with this oversize sweatshirt lately because it’s super comfortable and I am born in the 90s, so of course I have to get this! 🙂


It is winter season now and every year my hands and feet suffer the most. Most of the time they are dry and disgusting. 🙁 This month I’ve been using the L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Cream 75ml for both my hands and feet. I ran out of their foot cream and discover it is equally good to use this hand cream as foot cream as well.

Usually I will slather generous amount on my hands and feet and wear a pair of socks and go to bed. This product is definitely a lifesaver! I never fail to wake up to amazing soft skin in the morning. Even though L’Occitane’s products are quite pricey but the quality is definitely there, never disappoint!


Spotify was having a promotion where I paid 2 MYR to enjoy their premium package for 3 months. Obviously this whole month I was all about Christmas songs because it’s the time of the year! 😀 but overall I love this app a lot. I followed some YouTubers as well because their playlists are freaking awesome! 😀

That is all for my December favorites. Cannot believe 2016 is already coming to an end. It has definitely been an amazing year. See you guys again next year! 😛



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