OOTD: Gloomy Day Outfit+ Christmas Dinner.

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Love to start off the week where you made plans with your friends over the weekend to have morning coffee date before heading to class.

It was rather gloomy yesterday and the temperature was about 0 degrees. I put on my loose fitting white turtle neck shirt from Uniqlo and my fluffy jacket is from Uniqlo as well. Safe to say it’s my best purchase this month because it literally felt like bringing my comforter out and it keeps me super warm.

Jeans is from Uniqlo as well and boots from caterpillar. I know it’s time to switch up what I wear weekly but when I am obsess with something I tend to wear them a little too often (everyday! :P)

By the way, I had too many good food over the weekend because it was Christmas and my friends definitely spoiled us with so much good food! 😀

For carbs we had mashed potatoes and fried rice. Meat we had ham with honey sauce, bbq chicken wings and turkey. To balance all off of course we have to bring out the vegetables as well. 😛

This beef lasagna is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! For some reason I’ve never had any luck with lasagna in cafes/restaurants. But honestly this homemade one was the best! 😀

I hope you guys had a great Christmas this year. Honestly occasions like this is not all about receiving/exchanging presents, but to be surrounded with people you love and have been blessed with this entire year. I’m so glad Christmas for the past few years I’ve been spending with the same friends, same tradition and same food.




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