OOTD: simple & casual.

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Morning classes on a freezing winter day is the worst! It’s so hard to get yourself out of bed. To make myself feel slightly better and put together I’ve decided to keep things casual but at the same time warm.

Checkered shirt is from Uniqlo which I recently got during the Black Friday Sales. It’s 100% cotton so the material is soft and comfortable. Inside I paired it with a basic white tee that I got from Zara. It’s definitely one of the comfiest basic tee I have. And I decided to go with my Uniqlo high waisted jeans. Never go wrong with this jeans plus it is stretchable. Easily my favorite jeans after those from Topshop! 🙂


Those white sandals are actually hospital shoes. I was wearing a orange-y brown caterpillar boots. It was snowing heavily and the streets were very slippery. I guess that’s the only thing I dislike about winter. But other than that it’s a season that reminds me of festive seasons! Definitely cannot wait for the holidays to come! 😀

I hope you will have a great week ahead! 😀


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