November Favorites 2016.

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Hi guys! I cannot believe the year just flew by and it is already December! It’s definitely my favorite time of the year because Christmas is just around the corner! 😀 Anyways, today I will be sharing some products that I have been loving on the month of November.


L-R. Mac Taupe, Mac Ruby Woo, Colourpop Cami.

I am a lipstick junkie since forever and I have quite a number of lipsticks in my collection. But this month I’ve been gravitating more towards this three. And if I was only given one shade to live for the rest of my life it would probably be Mac’s taupe. I bought it last spring and I use it almost everyday since then. It compliments my yellow asian tone very well and definitely a MLBB shade for me. Oh, and it has matte finish which isn’t too drying on my lips nor accentuate lines on my lips. Overall a great shade for all year round!

L-R. Mac Ruby Woo, Colourpop Cami, Mac Taupe.

Mac’s Ruby Woo has a retro matte finish which means it is more drying than their normal matte lipsticks but it last on my lips forever. It’s definitely the perfect red shade for me and I tend to pick this up especially during nights out/date nights. And I think it goes very well with gold eyeshadow plus a wing eye look, super chic and classy!

This month I bought some makeup from Colourpop. I’ve never bought anything from their company and I love this shade! If you are finding for a wearable everyday with a hint of pink then this will be a good shade to look for. Compliments my yellow skin very well as well and it did not turn out too pinkish for my liking. Overall very comfortable to wear and the price is super affordable.

Next, I’ve bought this Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hours eyeshadow for quite some time now and I still have a lot of product left. This is in the shade “On and on bronze” which I think it’s the same as “Bad to the bronze”. It just depends on which country you get it from. Honestly I am at that point where I don’t have a lot of time to spend on doing my makeup every morning. Let’s be real, we don’t have time everyday to sit down and use different brushes and pat on different eyeshadows. And if you’re like me you’ll love this product. Basically I just use my finger and put it all over my eyelid and it gives my eyes a natural bronze-y look. You can build up the intensity to your own preference.

The prettiest shiny bronze shade I own in my collection that doesn’t break the bank. It gives a glowy bronze look instead of fake shimmery look if you get what I mean. You can wear this with some mascara on days you want to go for a more natural look/you can add a wing eyeliner as well.

This is another product I’ve been loving on the month of November. It’s the Nivea macadamia and vanilla lip balm. I love the one from Nuxe but I dropped it and the cap broke that is why it’s not convenient for me to bring it around. So I decided to just get a drugstore one without any expectation and now it ended up in my November favorites!

First of all the scent smells so amazing and super fall/winter appropriate. It hydrates my lips very well and I always wake up to plum soft lips and that’s the best feeling ever! 😀 Plus it is affordable, what more can you ask for?


For as long as I can remember I freaking love this mask! I think I started using this 2 years ago and repurchased once. Even though it’s a little pricey but trust me, this tub last me a year and I use it once/twice a week depending on my skin’s condition.

Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleansing masque is everything I can ever ask for from a mask. Especially if you have acne prone skin, consider trying this out. The next morning after using this my skin feels so much calmer and my spots are less inflamed. If you feel like a spot is coming just dab this overnight and the spot never surface. Honestly I don’t know what to do without this in my life.

I have to admit I wasn’t quite impressed with this product when I first got it. And at one point it just sits among a sea of other skincare products that I have. And recently I decided to give this a go again because first of all it’s not cheap, and second because I ran out of the serum I got from my beautician so I thought why not give it a try again.

I finally found a trick to use this Mad Hippie’s exfoliating serum. It says to use it every night or every other night. My skin prefers using it every other night. I notice this keeps my congested bumps at bay, smooth out my skin texture over time and lighten my hyperpigmentation. I’ve been dealing with acne for the past 2 to 3 years now and I will do a separate post when I am ready as it’s kinda personal to me. Definitely something that changed me as a person but at the same time I’ve come to learn a lot about my skin.


Let’s talk about body related products now. If you ask me I am the laziest person when it comes to my hair and body. I am not that type of girl who spends hours and hours in the bathroom because it’s just too time consuming for me. As I’ve said in my previous post, L’Occitane has some best quality body products and by using these I don’t have to moisturize my skin every night. They keep my skin super soft, smell super luxurious and the scent also helps me to sleep better at night.

Their products aren’t the cheapest hence I use them very sparingly. Only days when I want to pamper myself/when my body is really dry. Normal days I’ll just use my QV cream. It’s a basic non scented body cream that hydrates my skin very well. Definitely check it out if you have skin issues/allergic to scented products.


If I have to pick something to wear for the entire season this would be it. In fact I wore this so much this month I don’t even care if people judge because it is so comfy and cute!

Just look at it! Got this from Uniqlo and definitely put them into good use. No matter it was class, groceries, hang out this sweater just screams for my name everytime I open my wardrobe.

Last but not least I do not have a picture but I love Uniqlo’s heat tech socks. They are such a lifesaver this month/winter in general. The temperature has been dropping like crazy here in Moscow and the only thing that keeps my feet warm and toasty outdoor are those socks. Love them to death!

So this conclude my November favorites! Let me know what products/fashion items you’ve been loving on the month of November by commenting down below. Have a great day! 😀


2 thoughts on “November Favorites 2016.

  1. Love your favourites! I have MAC taupe and ruby woo! I haven’t got Cami but it looks right up my street. I bought maybelinne 24 hour tattoo eyeshadow once and it just dried up horribly in a short amount of time so haven’t looked back. Everyone loves Keils don’t they? I have t branched on them as I have sensitive skin so not sure if my skin will take a liking to it! ?


    1. Kiehl’s Calendula range is pretty awesome and they are quite generous with their samples too so you can walk in and ask for sample before spending money on them. And I recommend their avocado eye cream. My under eye concealer used to crease on me but not when I use that eye cream. Provide enough moisture but not too much at the same time. 🙂

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