Black Friday Sales Haul 2016.

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Hello everyone! I recently did some Black Friday weekend shopping and I thought it will be a great idea to make a post of what I’ve bought. I just want to put it out there that I purchased everything with my own money and they are not sponsored, all opinions on the products and goods are 100% honest from me. And this post is not to brag on the things I got. So without any further ado, let’s get started! 😀


So I did all my Black Friday Sales shopping in Uniqlo because it offers the best deal. Plus their quality is superb and that is the reason why I love their brand so much!

I’ve been their heat tech fans for as long as I can remember because they come in handy during the winter time. This year they came out with extra warm heat tech plus it is on sale so I thought it was a steal. I got a white loose fitting turtle neck and the material is so comfy! Definitely will be keeping me warm and toasty this season.

Original price: 1499 rubles. After discount: 799 rubles.

I personally own a lot of hoodie but most of them are grey and navy in colour. I thought this peachy pink hoodie is perfect because I do not own this colour in my wardrobe. So I decide to look pass the amount of hoodie I’ve got in my collection and went ahead to get it haha!

Original price: 1499 rubles. After discount: 799 rubles.

I know you can’t see very well from this picture but it’s under their extra warm heat tech collection. I’ve decided to go for this navy blue long sleeve top. It is lose fitting and the material is just like the white turtle neck. I already know it’s going to be the comfiest winter season for me. 😛

Original price: 1499 rubles. After discount: 799 rubles.

Saw this checkered shirt in collaboration with Ines La Fressange. I do not own a lot of checkered shirt, in fact I only have two. Plus I love the grey and white design so why not.

Original price: not too sure. After discount: 999 rubles.

This socks was not on discount but I get them anyway because I only have two heat tech socks and these will come in handy especially the cold harsh winter here in Moscow. Their heat tech socks are the best, definitely highly recommend them if you haven try them already.

Original price: 999 rubles. (comes in two pairs)


I’ve always been a big fan of this brand because their products are super high quality even though it is pricey. I’ve own quite a number of their products and I loved them all!

I’ve got myself the almond shower oil. It’s actually a repurchase. And I love using this especially during the colder months when my skin is super dry. I save this on days where I am lazy to follow up with my body moisturizer after a bath/on days I decided to treat myself with a luxury bath.

The product warms up slightly when you rub it against your hands which I find it comforting. And the scent is definitely something to die for! I also appreciate that the scent lingers around my body and it’s so comforting especially I am all snuggled up under my comforter getting ready for bed.

In my opinion it’s a great value of money!

Original price: 1699 rubles. Unfortunately it wasn’t on discount. 🙁

Next I got their soothing scalp oil because my boyfriend has been struggling with dry scalp and he has been trying different shampoos even some DIYs but couldn’t find a solution. I searched up online and saw that there are some great reviews on this product plus it was on 50% discount in conjunction of Black Friday Sales. I thought it was a steal so I had to get it and hopefully he will get a positive result.

Original price: 2999 rubles. After discount: 1499 rubles.

So that’s all for my Black Friday Sales Haul! I hope you enjoy this post and I can’t wait to try on everything that I’ve got. Have a great day ahead! 😀


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