Hey guys! It has been almost a month since I’ve last updated. I am really sorry about that. I hate to say this but I’ve basically been through so much that I needed some time to recollect myself. Still trying my best to cope with life but I thought it is really time to get going! 😀 Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so I thought it will be appropriate to come up with a simple and glowy makeup this Valentine. Very natural and not too over…Continue Reading “Simple Glowy Valentine’s Makeup.”

Hey guys, I hope you all have been well. For me, not so and I just needed to quickly rent about this. Two days ago I’ve found out that a few of my recent blog posts were missing. Went through so much trouble but long story short, I am happy that I managed to retrieve them back. So check them out if you missed any previous posts from me. 😀 Anyway, I wanted to upload my “Declutter With Me” video but I was not very…Continue Reading “Holiday Glam Makeup.”

Hello everyone! 🙂 Literally just came home from a celebration for my close friend’s birthday. 😀 Had an awesome time so today I decided to do a get ready with me post makeup + outfit. I’ve been using these two palettes religiously for all my eye makeup looks. Best investment I ever made? 😛 Primed my eyes before hand with Nars’ eye primer. By now you guys should know how much I love that eye shadow primer. 😀 Then I use the shade “Half Baked”…Continue Reading “GRWM: Makeup + Outfit.”

Hello beautiful people over the internet! 😀 I’ve been digging this look a lot lately. & before spring officially comes & I switch up my everyday makeup routine I thought I want to post up what my current routine is. This look is super quick, easy & make you look more fresh & awake. 🙂 Maybelline Better Skin Concealer: currently I am using this concealer to conceal any spots/redness around my face. I’ve repurchased countless amount of this concealer & I should switch it up…Continue Reading “Quick & Easy Everyday Makeup Routine.”

Hello beautiful people over the internet! 🙂 Sorry I did not came up with a post last Saturday, I just needed the weekend to myself. Anyway, yesterday I had Easter brunch with my friends & decided to post up a makeup tutorial on the look I did. Note: if you’ve read my previous makeup tutorials I pretty much use the same products over & over again. I am that kind of person who clings onto things I love & trust. 😛 So I apologize if…Continue Reading “Brown Soft Smokey Makeup Tutorial.”

Happy weekend guys! 😀 I went out with my friends today & decided I would like to post about this vintage winter appropriate look that I came up with. Been digging for the dark & bold lip colour lately because winter is coming to an end soon & I want to wear them as much as possible. 🙁 Eyeshadow primer: Nars’ Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. I don’t think I need to explain myself how much I love this eyeshadow primer. 😛 Eyeshadow: I first use…Continue Reading “Vintage Winter Makeup Tutorial.”