Hello beautiful people over the internet! 😀 I am not sure how’s the weather is at the place you are living in but in Moscow we are definitely starting our 6 months long winter already. 😛 Honestly even though I’ve been living here for the past 5 years, I still do not get used to the weather sometimes. & safe to say at this point I am already tired of winter. 😛 Anyway, for the past couple of months I’ve discovered some new favorites, &…Continue Reading “Current Favorites/Rediscovered Favorites.”

Hello everyone! 😀 I really miss doing these monthly favorites as I have not been doing them for a few months. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of makeup items to share recently because I have not been doing shopping for new makeup as right now I am more focus on skincare. In the future I wan to talk more about skincare so I apologize for the lack of makeup tutorials. But I will try my best to come up with tutorials as the holiday…Continue Reading “November Favorites 2017.”

Another month has gone by and it is even crazier to think that it is already mid of the year. Honestly I do not have a lot of favorites last month because it was a busy and hectic month, I basically have been using what I’ve been using. 😛 But I have a few products that I’ve been using consistently throughout the month so here we go! 😀 This is definitely a rediscovered product for me last month. I’ve been using foundation more often the…Continue Reading “May Favorites 2017.”

Hello people! 🙂 I am finally back with some March favorites. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of products to share with you guys this month because I am just lazy & I’ve been sticking to my boring old routine. 😛 But I’ve gathered some products that I’ve been enjoying on the month of March so let’s quickly jump right into it! 😀 I’ve been enjoying coconut oil recently. It has always been part of my life but sometimes I just venture into some…Continue Reading “March Favorites 2017.”

Well hello you guys! 🙂 It’s the end of the month & you know what time it is! Yup, yup, it is time to share what I’ve been loving/using on the month of February. So without further ado let’s jump right into it! 😀   Makeup: If you know me/read my makeup tutorials you know how much I love the highlighter from Colourpop in the shade “Lunch Money”. I basically featured it in every single tutorials of mine. This month I rediscovered an old favorite….Continue Reading “February Favorites 2017.”

Hey guys! I cannot believe another month just went by just like that. Gotta admit January was pretty much a sloppy month in terms of me not having a lot of favorites this month. But it is also a month where I rediscovered a lot of old favorites & I would love to share them with you guys. 😀 First of all I would like to talk about this coconut body butter from The Body Shop. If you haven try out The Body Shop’s body…Continue Reading “January Favorites 2017.”