Hey guys! 😀 If you have not read my first two parts of acne journey, please click here & here to check them out. I first covered about how acne has changed me as a person & what I’ve learned from it. & the second part I’ve talked about my visits to the dermatologist & what I think about it. Other than that, you are up to date! 🙂 For the 3rd part I would like to talk about mistakes I’ve done for the past 2 years or pretty much things…Continue Reading “Mistakes I’ve done. Acne Journey Part 3.”

Hello everyone! 😀 I really miss doing these monthly favorites as I have not been doing them for a few months. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of makeup items to share recently because I have not been doing shopping for new makeup as right now I am more focus on skincare. In the future I wan to talk more about skincare so I apologize for the lack of makeup tutorials. But I will try my best to come up with tutorials as the holiday…Continue Reading “November Favorites 2017.”

Hey guys, I hope you guys have been well over the week. Not going to lie, initially I wanted to make a post on “What I Eat In A Day” & I realised throughout the day I only had one proper meal. 😛 But I did a short vlog of my day spent with my friends. I hope you guys enjoy. 😀 We had hotpot/steamboat to celebrate my friend’s birthday. The temperature has dropped so much here in Moscow this is the perfect meal. 😀 Kept us all toasty &…Continue Reading “Weekend vlog | What I Eat In A Day.”

Always so emotional when I sit down & brainstorm what I am going to write next for my acne journey. I want my story to be as raw and as realistic as possible. This is going to be a long post, so grab a drink or snack and here we go! 🙂 Since I was a teenager I always have a couple of zits during time of the month but it did not affect my well being. Until when I turned 21 it is where…Continue Reading “Dermatologist Visit. Acne Journey Part 2.”

Happy Tuesday everyone! 😀 Today I’ve decided to switch things up a little. Instead of taking pictures and elaborating how I do my makeup, I’ve recorded a video on my everyday makeup routine. I would like to apologize because the video might not be the best quality. And the weather was really gloomy here lately, so the lighting is not the best. It actually feels kind of weird to film yourself doing your own makeup. 😛 But it’s my first time, lots of room for…Continue Reading “Everyday Makeup Routine.”

Hello everyone, I hope you all have been well. 🙂 This is definitely a post I’ve been very excited to share with. I’ve been wanting to buy this product since few years ago & few months back I’ve finally decided to splurge on it. 😀 Never been happier with my decision. I’ve been putting this on a test for close to 3 months now & definitely more than ready to share what I think of this product. Before I go into a more in depth…Continue Reading “Review: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.”