Hello beautiful people over the internet! 🙂 First I would like to apologize because I haven been posting anything for the past few weeks. Life has been hectic & crazy for me. My friend came over from the U.K to visit me here in Moscow, did a little weekend getaway to Saint Petersburg, and I … Continue Reading

For as long as I can remember, I never had any luck with sunscreens and I never like using them. When I was little I remembered my mother always slathered me with sunscreen and I hated the smell as well. It leaves an oily film & I never like that feeling. Fast forward to last … Continue Reading

Hey guys! So I am back with a review for you guys today. I will my sharing my thoughts & what I think about Lush’s Herbalism. This product comes in a 100 g pot just like any of their cleansers. In the past I’ve tried their “Angels On Bare Skin” & repurchased countless pots of … Continue Reading

I think this is a very interesting topic to touch on because trust me, we are all guilty one way or another. Look inside your makeup bags, how many products you bought because your favorite Youtuber raves about it? 😛 I know I do. I gathered some products that were once so hyped over the … Continue Reading

I was actually inspired by my previous post to make this blog post. 😛 I was talking about how some products deserve so much attention considering their price point & how well they performed. So I thought a post about underrated makeup products would be perfect because I love them dearly & I think they … Continue Reading

Hello beautiful people over the internet! 🙂 Even though I am a huge lipstick junkie but til to this day I still get nervous/shy to wear dark bold lipsticks. But of course that didn’t stop me from wearing them. & I think every girl should have a classic red lipstick in their collection. I do … Continue Reading