Hello everyone! 😀 I really miss doing these monthly favorites as I have not been doing them for a few months. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of makeup items to share recently because I have not been doing shopping for new makeup as right now I am more focus on skincare. In the future … Continue Reading

Another month has gone by and it is even crazier to think that it is already mid of the year. Honestly I do not have a lot of favorites last month because it was a busy and hectic month, I basically have been using what I’ve been using. 😛 But I have a few products … Continue Reading

Hello people! 🙂 I am finally back with some March favorites. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of products to share with you guys this month because I am just lazy & I’ve been sticking to my boring old routine. 😛 But I’ve gathered some products that I’ve been enjoying on the month of … Continue Reading

Well hello you guys! 🙂 It’s the end of the month & you know what time it is! Yup, yup, it is time to share what I’ve been loving/using on the month of February. So without further ado let’s jump right into it! 😀   Makeup: If you know me/read my makeup tutorials you know … Continue Reading

Hey guys! I cannot believe another month just went by just like that. Gotta admit January was pretty much a sloppy month in terms of me not having a lot of favorites this month. But it is also a month where I rediscovered a lot of old favorites & I would love to share them … Continue Reading

Another month had flew by again and here we are, entering a new year! :O I do not have a lot of favorites this month because I’ve been living in my own comfort zone instead of venturing into new things. But anyway I still have some stuff which I’ve been using so much over the … Continue Reading