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Hello beautiful people over the internet! 😀

I am not sure how’s the weather is at the place you are living in but in Moscow we are definitely starting our 6 months long winter already. 😛 Honestly even though I’ve been living here for the past 5 years, I still do not get used to the weather sometimes. & safe to say at this point I am already tired of winter. 😛

Anyway, for the past couple of months I’ve discovered some new favorites, & also rediscovered some old ones so I thought it’s a good idea to compile them into a post. I’ll start off with old favorites that I’ve forgotten but eventually came back to. 🙂

I remember I first bought this Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air Toner few years back & have been loving it since then. Over the years I’ve repurchased countless bottles of these, from the full size to the smaller travel size. I have not been very consistent with this toner because I went through phases of using this toner, then venture into other toners, then coming back to this one again, or a phase where I do not use any toners at all.

If you have oily acne prone skin like I do, occasionally dealing with breakouts I would recommend this toner. It does not help to prevent breakouts, but it does help to keep them at bay. At the same time it dries out & minimizes the current blemishes you have leaving your skin & pore super clean but not stripping at the same time. There are certain days (especially the colder months) my skin feels a little tight after using this toner so you want to make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer or face oil after that. 🙂

Currently I am in the phase of obsessing over this toner all over again & never knew why I stopped using it in the first place. 😛 Check it out if you haven already! I am convinced it is the seawater from this product really helped to calm my skin.

Recently the weather went really crazy here in Moscow. Transitional seasons are always so unsteady. I am not much of a lip balm kind of girl as I’ve always forget to apply & winter is a nightmare for my skin & lips. Few weeks ago when the weather turned super cold, my lips started to crack & bleed. I ran out of my usual lip balm, did not have time to search for a new one. Then I remembered I bought this years ago & it was sitting with a pile of makeup of mine. Quickly popped onto my lips & went to bed. Literally woke up with the softest lips & since then I never had dried cracked lips anymore.

I use this as a lip balm but this L’occitane Shea Butter is a multipurpose product. You can use it as a body moisturizer, or apply it on any dry patches/areas you have. Instantly soothe & clear them away. Definitely good for those with sensitive skin because it is made of 100% Organic Shea Butter. Even though their products are luxurious & expensive but definitely good value for money. There’s literally nothing I’ve bought from them I did not enjoy. Always gravitate towards this brand when I am feeling extra. 😛

For those who followed this blog for awhile/who knows me, you know I am probably the laziest human on earth when it comes to moisturizing. I literally only start to moisturize when my skin feels rough, hurt because of the cold weather & starts to crack lol! So I am trying to change this bad habit of mine by purchasing a travel sized (look for baby products) as it is not a huge commitment 😛 & also it is easier to bring it with you. Literally just pop it in your bag & use it whenever you need it. I also make it a point to put it beside my bed, so I’ll reach out to massage & moisturize my skin while catching up on vlogs/series. So far so good, there were days I was too lazy but so far I’ve been pretty good with this routine.

Love this Johnson’s baby cream as it is targeted for dry skin. & in the ingredient lists they were a few oils so it hydrates & balances the skin. It is not too heavy, spread easily & literally melts into your skin. Plus it makes you smell like a baby before you sleep so why not. 😛

Last but not least, Stila Stay All Day eyeliner was my favorite eyeliner! It was that one eyeliner that nothing came close. I’ve been trying out a bunch of drugstore eyeliners over the years but did not find something I really like. Unfortunately it is not possible to get my hands on the Stila one at the place I am currently living, so recently I decided to give this Nyx’s Epic Ink Liner a go. I purchased this without reading any reviews, did not have any high expectations on it whatsoever. I guess it is true when things turn out better if you do not expect anything. 😛 This is by far the only eyeliner that came close to the Stila one I love.

As you can see it comes in a felt tip applicator, it is my favorite type of applicator for eyeliner. It is not too thick & flexible. With this I can achieve very simple cateye all the way to dramatic ones. Plus, it stays on my oily eyelids all day too! (I use eye primer) So yes I am sold! Even though it is not my most favorite (because nothing can beat the Stila one :P) but it is always comforting to find other options. 🙂

So this wraps up my rediscover/new favorites. I hope this helped somebody out there if you are looking for something new to buy & I am proud that most of them are very affordable. Love you guys. <3


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