Are These Ingredients Causing Your Breakouts?

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Hey guys! ๐Ÿ˜€

Almost a year ago I talked about acne/skin tips that I’ve learned & I want to touch on this topic again because honestly, there are so many things to learn about our skin as it is the largest organ of our body & it’s always changing due to many internal & external factors.

Previously I focused on lifestyle changes that I’ve noticed that helped my skin. This time I want to talk about ingredients in products that we use. If you have troubled skin like I do, constantly trying to figure out the root to your problem maybe this post might help you out. & if you are that kind of consumers who does not check ingredient lists before purchasing a product & solely trust on good reviews & marketing skills, maybe it is really time to know what you are putting on your skin.



I talked about this ingredient a lot on my blog when I was hunting down the roots to my acne. & I found out that my skin hates this ingredient. & unfortunately a lot of well known/big makeup companies out there include this ingredient in their powder products eg: finishing powder/bronzer/blusher. Talc is usually listed as the first ingredient in powdered products. Don’t trust me? Start reading the labels. ๐Ÿ˜›

It has at least been more than 3 years since I threw away/stopped using bronzer & blusher even though I really dig for the defined cheekbones & jawlines. Add a little blusher for a flush of colour. I decided it is really not worth it to take the risk & I keep my makeup super minimal ever since.

I find cutting down on makeup helps you to identify the problem too. Not only your skin is not heavily caked with makeup everyday, it allows your skin to breathe & at the same time you should take note on how your skin is doing everyday too.


It is quite ashame (because it took me so long) yet surprising to learn that silicone was actually one of the root to my problem. I cannot believe this but I have only recently learned about this information, literally few months ago & I had to make adjustment to my skincare as well as makeup. Trust me, life changing!

Maybe it is the current skincare products that are really helping my skin to keep those nasty clogged pores in check. Or maybe it could be eliminating silicone. Either way, there is no harm taking a break from silicone based products & see if it works for you as well. As to my knowledge, the products I was previously using that contains silicone are: serum, moisturizer, foundation & concealer. After eliminating these product out of my routine, I stopped getting clogged pores.

You wanna look out for terms like: trimethicone, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane & etc. These are ingredients that my skin does not agree with. You will be very surprised when you check the current products you are using because these silicone are often very high up on the ingredient list. Big companies often use silicone because it gives off a slippery consistency hence products can be easily spread evenly & effortlessly. Unfortunate for troubled skin people like me, this is a bad news. Because silicone is water resistant & it traps oil, bacteria & the gunk on your pores hence cocktail to a breakout disaster! This is especially worse when you do not cleanse your skin well at the end of the day.

Ps: skincare wise I completely eliminate silicone but makeup wise I still use silicone base concealer for my under eye. Certain part of my face for example under eye, eyelids, eyebrows & lip are not prone to breakout so I am more lenient with ingredients. I clearly know that my eyeshadow palettes contain talc but it is a safe zone so it’s fine. ๐Ÿ˜›


Switchย your makeup.

It was very difficult for me at first switching from conventional makeup to mineral based. I was used to liquid consistency & it feels weird using a brush to apply powder on my skin. But trust me, once you’re converted you will never go back. ๐Ÿ˜›

I also want to quickly point out that some mineral based makeup contains “talc” so you might want to look out for it. Generally my skin tolerate well with “mica” so this ingredient is the first on my mineral makeup. My experience with mineral based makeup is even though it is a hassle because the powder can get everywhere but it allows your skin to breathe better because it is not as heavy as liquid foundations/bb creams. & compare them ingredient wise, mineral based makeup has far less ingredients. The current foundation I use contains only 5 ingredients. ๐Ÿ˜›

I wished mineral based makeup are more accessible on physical stores because it is super hard to determine your shade based on photos showed online. I recently purchased a new foundation because my previous one ran out & guess what? It was a few shades lighter than my skin tone but somehow I just gotta make it work. Thank God the colder months are approaching so I can get away with paler skin. & smaller companies like these produce quality products & you know you can always trust them. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this is by far what I’ve learned to improve my skin. Start checking for ingredients when you want to purchase a product & do not get blinded by the name/how effective it works. Because trust me, even though some products claimed to be oil-free/non pore clogging/dermatological tested/natural, you’ll be surprise when you read the labels.



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