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Hey guys! I was looking back at my last post & it was actually 4 months ago. 😛 I’ve just completed my academic year 2 days ago & currently I have more free time on hand, hopefully hopefully I’ll be able to come up with more contents. 🙂

So for almost a year I started incorporating supplements into my regimen/diet. Been through bottles after bottles & I thought why not make a blog post about them. First of all, I started taking these supplements because as you guys may already know, I suffer from moderate acne for a few years now. & exactly a year ago it was the worst it has ever been. 🙁 So aside from figuring out a good skincare routine, I started venturing into supplements to speed up the healing process.

Before we go on, I would like to put a disclaimer out there that I am not a certified dietitian/practitioner (even though I am a medical student :P), so I highly recommend you guys to do your research or seek opinions from your doctors before supplementing.

My mum actually got me this supplement 5 years ago & told me I should take them daily for healthier skin. 5 years ago I did not had any skin issues, my skin was pretty much clear so I guess I kinda neglected & did not bother. So obviously I did not supplement these very religiously until last year when all hell broke loose.

Looking back I think it is pretty safe to say that I have quite sensitive hormones. I used to have hormonal imbalance during the first year I got my menstruation. It was as bad as hospitalization due to anemia because I basically lost a huge amount of blood within the time frame of two weeks.

So anyways back to last summer, I started breaking out along my jawlines. It was literally the worst nightmare for me because my skin was never this bad. I remembered being so insecure & self conscious about my skin, I would cry myself to sleep at night thinking my skin will never get better ever again. I was doing my research & came across acne face mapping. So according to face map, if you breakout around your chin & jawlines, it is due to hormonal imbalance. Which made sense because my menstruation was out of whack for a few months. So I told my mum about it & decided to get this Efamol Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg. 

Even though this brand is more expensive compare to the others, but I definitely felt a difference in terms of quality. So if you’re looking into Evening Primrose Oil, I definitely highly recommend this brand, great value for money.

I remembered the first 6 weeks I took 3 capsules a day after each meal, then slowly cut down to 2 capsules a day. Within the first few days, my jawlines started to clear up. I could not believe it myself either. I was so shocked & impressed with this baby & it has been a lifesaver. Since then I never stopped supplementing it. I tried reducing it to once a day but I think the best effect for me is twice a day, so I am maintaining at this dosage. 🙂

Note: when I first introduced this supplement, I was also on antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist. The next visit I told him I was taking these & it helped my skin tremendously, he said it is safe to continue taking them.

I pretty much maintained only supplementing Evening Primrose Oil for a few months. Sorry I cannot remember exactly how long. It did calmed my skin & get it in check, but it did not prevent future breakouts. Of course I do not breakout as bad as it used to, but I wanted these breakouts to be completely over, so I started researching for more supplements to incorporate into my routine.

& that’s how I came across Milk Thistle. You can purchase any brands really but I could just manage to find Solgar’s, so yeah. I read a lot of reviews/articles saying that this supplement is good for the liver & basically helped your liver with the built up toxins. So I took a tablet a day for 50 days since the bottle came with 50 capsules. Honestly, I do not remember seeing any significant changes so I stopped supplementing it after I was done with the bottle. But I think it did probably helped with reducing my acne outbreaks as well as clogged pores. But somehow this is one of those supplement that once I am done I just venture into other products. Will I repurchase it again? Probably.

I remembered 4 months ago I had a life crisis. 😛 I was running out of the Efamol’s EPO & basically I did not take any supplement for about a week I think. Of course some monsters started to creep out from my jawline so I was freaking out obviously, so I had to resort to getting this Nature’s Bounty Evening Primrose Oil 1000 mg while waiting for the usual brand I took to arrive.

It did helped with those monsters that peeked out but for some reason I think this brand did not work as well as Efamol’s. But I still continue to finish up this bottle because it is not cheap & I don’t wanna waste it. So that’s the end of story for this bottle/brand. 😛

Like I told you, I was looking for other supplements to speed up the healing process of my skin, then I remembered I had this bottle of Solgar’s L-lysine 1000 mg laying around. I actually bought it about a year ago. I took it for about a week & thought this actually worsen my skin so I stopped taking it. Low & behold it wasn’t the reason, so it must be something I was doing wrong with my routine which caused me to blamed this guy instead. 😛

I knew about this supplement through a YouTube video made by Organic Olivia. She also has her own blog & I highly recommend you guys to check it out.

So yes, after watching her videos, did more research & read more reviews, decided to give this guy a go again even though I was very skeptical because the first time I took it I thought they broke me out. I take these one capsule a day & I am currently on my second bottle. So far so good. Even though I still breakout, especially around time of the month but it is nowhere near as bad as last summer. Don’t want to jinx it but yeah. 😛

My current supplement routine: 1 capsule of L-lysine & 1 capsule of Efamol’s EPO after lunch. 1 capsule of Efamol’s EPO after dinner.

Right now my problems are clogged pores, occasional breakouts, & post inflammatory erythema (PIE). Currently I am trying out a new skincare routine which significantly reduced my PIE. I will post an updated skincare routine when I feel it is good enough to share because at this point I am still not very satisfied. Of course, diet & sleeping schedule are also very important. I believe if I have better discipline in these departments my skin would have improved more but you know, sometimes you’re just naughty. 🙁

I hope this post shed some light to those who suffers from acne because I totally understand how it feels. It was such a dark place that I never wish anyone would have to go through. But keep on trying, keep on dreaming, someday it will all get better. 😀


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