Mistakes I’ve done. Acne Journey Part 3.

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Hey guys! 😀

If you have not read my first two parts of acne journey, please click here & here to check them out. I first covered about how acne has changed me as a person & what I’ve learned from it. & the second part I’ve talked about my visits to the dermatologist & what I think about it. Other than that, you are up to date! 🙂

For the 3rd part I would like to talk about mistakes I’ve done for the past 2 years or pretty much things I wished I knew earlier. & I hope this post will help somebody out there to not repeat the mistakes I’ve done.

I know by this time you have heard many times over & over again that everyone’s skin is different, we react differently to different products so it is important to listen to your skin. But seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Please examine your own skin & always listen to it.

  • Buy products based on YouTubers/Bloggers recommendation.

Now, I am not saying not to buy products that are recommended by your favorite YouTubers/Bloggers. But firstly it is important to determine & know what kind of skin type you have & from there you research for products that are suitable for your skin type. Trust me, been there done that! 🙁 I’ve bought hydrating mask meant for dry skin & absolutely hated it, tested on moisturizers that are more suited for dry skin & look like an oily frying pan throughout the day, at one point thought my skin was dehydrated so I bought serum but ended up breaking out from it.

I personally have combination skin. Oily on my T zone & normal around my cheeks. My skin freaks out from products which are too hydrating. They are too heavy for my skin, clogged my pores & eventually leads to breakouts.

Now I generally stay away from products that are too hydrating. It is important to look for moisturizer that is just nice for your skin. What I meant is just the right amount of moisture that your skin can handle.

  • Ingredients on your skincare/makeup products.

I have to admit, my current skincare/makeup products do not have the most perfect ingredients. But like I said, it all depends on your skin because everyone’s skin reacts differently. I’ve learned over the years to check the ingredient lists before purchasing a product. I found out my skin breakouts from “talc” so I cut out all my setting powders, bronzers & powdered blushes because they all contain this ingredient. 🙁

I noticed I have the most clogged pores around my forehead, cheekbones & jawlines during those months to years when I was using setting powder & bronzers. I do not know why it took me so long to finally figured it out but yeah. 🙁 Unfortunately most of these makeup products contain “talc”, so to be on the safe side I completely cut them off from my makeup routine.

I want to quickly mentioned on foundation as well. For a few years I’ve been using foundation daily & never a day I leave the house without it. I am not saying to completely cut them off in your life but try limiting them only for special occasions & let your skin breathe. I know a lot of people out there love the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation & I am not trying to bring down this foundation or whatsoever. During spring 2017 I was looking for a new foundation & found a lot of good reviews. So I went ahead & bought it even though it is not cheap.

Unfortunately I think my skin is not happy with certain ingredients from this foundation. I noticed a lot of clogged pores which then leads to increase breakout. So you might really want to look into your makeup & see what is the culprit.

  • Cleanse your skin!

Another important point that I cannot stress enough. No matter how expensive your serums/treatments/moisturizers are, they will not work well if your skin is not well cleansed at the end of the day.

I am sure you guys have heard of the double cleansing method. During the first cleanse you are removing the superficial gunk/dirt & makeup that is on your skin. Then when you do your second cleanse it is when you are really working into cleansing your pores. Happy pores = happy skin. This equation literally just struck my mind few days ago. I really do not know why it took me so long to finally got it figured out. 🙁

Typically with the double cleansing method, people usually use balm/cleansing oil as their first step. I have tried both & have learned that I have to be very careful. Like I said, my skin easily freaks out from products which are too “heavy” for my skin, & some balms/cleansing oil out there are pretty heavy & it is more suitable for drier skin type. & some products out there leaves a film on your skin, & this might caused clogged pores & leads to acne. So do your research before purchasing a product.

For a few years I’ve been using cleansing milk as my first cleanse & my skin prefers it. It is not as heavy as a cleansing oil but works just as effective. I do not want to go into too detail on what products I use & how I use them. I will talk more about it in a separate post.

Then for my second cleanse I usually use a gel cleanser. Because I have combination skin, so gel cleanser is the most suitable for my skin type. If you have combination to oily skin, I would definitely recommend gel cleansers.

  • Complicated skincare routine.

I am sure at some point every girls are guilty when it comes to this. & looking back at old photos I realised my skin was the clearest & glowiest when I used the least products to no products at all. Yes, when I was in high school I do not have a skincare routine. 😛 I only started to have a proper skincare routine at the age of 20 years old, I know haha!

I understand when your skin is breaking out you are freaking out internally too. You are trying ways to get rid of them because let’s be honest, which girl out there does not want to have the prettiest & clearest skin? I used to have the most complicated skincare routine in the evening before bed. Applying so many products onto my skin, not to mention it is super time consuming too!

If I remember it correctly, these were my skincare steps:

  1. Double cleanse
  2. Mask (once to twice a week)
  3. Toner
  4. Essence
  5. Serum
  6. Spot treatment
  7. Moisturizer

There you go, at least 8 steps. (double cleanse counted as two :P) Then recently I was on YouTube & came across on this 10 steps Korean skincare routine. Loading on too many products on my skin was a past mistake, but Korean 10 steps routine has gotten a lot of hype. So I was kinda having an internal conflict in my head. 😛

My conclusion: I have not find the right balance for each products for my skin. Will I try the 10 steps Korean skincare routine in the future? Maybe. But for now the lesser the better until my skin fully recovers.

  • Be patient with your skincare routine.

This is another important point that took me forever to realised. 😛 When my skin was freaking out over the years, I’ve been actively researching & looking for the “next best thing” to solve my problem. But guess what’s the answer? Perseverance & keep things minimal.

When I established a new skincare routine, I only gave it a week. & if I do not see results, I then buy new products & switch my routine again. This confuses the heck out of my skin. Now I am left with bunch of skincare products that I have no idea what to do with them. 🙁 Not to forget the amount of money wasted.

What you need to realise is that it takes time for your skin to get used to the products that you are using, then slowly it will adapt to the routine & finally only you will start to see results. I would say typically in a month mark you can notice slight changes & it will continue to improve in a few months.

Note: do not get discourage if your skin do not improve within this time frame, everyone’s skin is different. & if you noticed your skin reacts worse during your new routine, you might want to find out the root of the problem.

  • What you eat matters.

I really believe what you put into your body will really shows externally too. Let’s be honest, I do not have the most perfect diet. There are days when I eat bad food because I am human & especially a girl, we all have cravings around time of the month. But for over a year I’ve been more conscious with my diet. I tried to cut out dairy (not completely) but working on it, lessen my visits to fast food restaurants, add more greens into my diet, lessen my junk food intake as well.

& I definitely noticed difference in my skin. But I believe if I am more strict with my diet, I can see better results. But I am still working hard at this department. 😛 When I was shitty with my diet, the first sign I noticed was breakouts on my forehead. Which is pretty accurate according to Chinese face mapping, this area links to the digestive system.

So I am going to give the old boring advice. Drink more water, eat more fresh food, add healthy greens & fruits into your diet. 😛

I will also add it additional common mistakes that might be the root to your problem. Because I personally do not do these, but I know a lot of people out there are guilty of doing these. 😛

  • Picking on your skin.

When you have acne, I know you want to do everything you can to quickly get rid of them. & the last thing you want to do is pick at your skin because it will make matter worst. Acne is already a trouble, post acne hyperpigmentations are a pain in the ass, & you do not even want to think about scars, they are basically nightmare!

  • Sleep with your makeup on.

If you already have acne prone skin, this is seriously the last thing you want to do with your skin. Not cleansing your skin well is bad enough, but not removing it at all is even worse. When you are lazy to remove your makeup at the end of the day just imagine this: you’ve been out of the house & was exposed to dust & dirt in the environment the whole day. If you wear makeup, the products mixed together with the oil that’s naturally produced by your body. & you come home & sleep at least 7 hours with all these gunk on your face.

I hope this nightmare sinks into your head. 😛

I really hope sharing about mistakes I’ve done from the past will help somebody out there to cross check theirs too. It is very important to learn from past mistakes so we will not repeat them in the future. Even though I am not perfect, I do not follow these steps 365 days but everyday I try my best to take better care of my skin. As always, stay strong & stay positive! <3



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