Hey guys! 😀 If you have not read my first two parts of acne journey, please click here & here to check them out. I first covered about how acne has changed me as a person & what I’ve learned from it. & the second part I’ve talked about my visits to the dermatologist & what I think about it. … Continue Reading

Hello everyone! 😀 I really miss doing these monthly favorites as I have not been doing them for a few months. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of makeup items to share recently because I have not been doing shopping for new makeup as right now I am more focus on skincare. In the future … Continue Reading

Hey guys, I hope you guys have been well over the week. Not going to lie, initially I wanted to make a post on “What I Eat In A Day” & I realised throughout the day I only had one proper meal. 😛 But I did a short vlog of my day spent with my friends. I … Continue Reading