I’ve been thinking long and hard on what to write for today’s blog post. I don’t feel like doing a review/makeup look. Then I thought it is the best time to do a throwback Thursday on things that I enjoyed doing during the spring time. 😀 I can’t wait for spring to be here and finally enjoy the sun and warm breeze!

1. Stroll around the parks with my friends.

One thing I love about spring is that being able to walk around with beautiful summery clothes and the temperature is just right. The lighting makes everything so beautiful & you just want to take as many pictures as you can. 🙂

This picture was taking on one of those park strolling days in VDNKH Moscow, Russia. I remember it was a super sunny day & it was definitely a sweaty day for all of us. 😛

Another amazing day out at Gorky Park. So thankful for having a skillful photographer. 😛

2. Jogging outdoor.

I find jogging super therapeutic especially when the weather is just right. I especially love doing it with my girlfriends & my favorite memory was we would motivate each other to finish our usual jogging track because at the “finishing line” there was a vending machine which serve super delicious hot chocolate. That cup of chocolate was our motivation to the “finishing line” 😛

Outdoor cool down/stretching is very therapeutic as well. Breathing in the fresh air & forget about everything that you have on your plate. If you haven try this I highly recommend. 😀

3. Picnic.

I think spring time is the best time for picnic sessions. When the flowers & trees bloom, & the weather is perfectt. 😀 Of course, with beautiful and good companies.

This silly picture was taken last spring during our picnic session. 😀 I am glad my roommate joined in with my stupidity. 😛 But honestly these are little things that makes you laugh when you look back at the photos. 🙂

4. Victory Day.

Victory Day is definitely a day you cannot miss when in Russia. Even though it is super sunny & crowded but I am glad to be part of it every year. 🙂

These are little things that I enjoyed doing during spring time. I am pretty sure there are more to it. & I am so excited for spring to be here even though I have to wait for another month. 😛

Hope you guys are having a great week so far. 🙂



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