YouTube Made Me Buy It!

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I think this is a very interesting topic to touch on because trust me, we are all guilty one way or another. Look inside your makeup bags, how many products you bought because your favorite Youtuber raves about it? 😛 I know I do.

I gathered some products that were once so hyped over the internet/YouTube. So without further ado let’s go through them together. 😀

Let’s start off with these infamous Naked Palettes! 😛 Honestly I think this post wouldn’t be complete without these palettes. They were so hyped up over the years. When Naked Palette first launched every single beauty YouTubers were raving about it. At least my favorite ones are haha!

When I first started doing some part time teaching this palette was the first palette I bought with my own hard earned money. 😛

As you can see I did not use a lot of product. Not that I do not like this palette. I enjoyed some of the shades but honestly I don’t think it is the best palette out there. Some shades are easy to work with but some has a lot of fall outs. 🙁

This was actually a birthday give from my cousin. When it first launched I was very excited because rose gold/pink mauve-y shades were such a hit! Guilty to admit YouTube made me want this palette even more because I was watching so many reviews & tutorials.

The Naked 3 palette is same as the Naked palette. I enjoyed some shades but some just had too much fall outs. 🙁 But I am glad I have this palette because I think the colours are unique. 😀

Are these palettes a must haves? Honestly, no. There are better palettes out there like I mentioned. I think these products were too over hyped. I was expecting more considering their price point.

Another product from Urban Decay. It is their All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. Remember when makeup setting sprays were such a hype few years back? Every makeup gurus were overdoing it with these sprays. 😛

But I have to give credits to this product. It was certainly life changing. When I use this product I find my makeup last much longer. It also helps to “melt” my makeup to make it look more natural & blended in. I used to swear by it. Nowadays I do not use this product as much. I am more light handed with my everyday makeup.

Overall I think this product is worth the hype. At least I used to love this, check it out if you haven already. 🙂

I was looking for bronzers because I wanted my features to look sharper & slimmer. I purchased this Benefit Hoola Bronzer last year I believe.

I honestly think there is nothing wrong with this product. The packaging is cute, product works well & the colour suits my skin tone as well. Unfortunately I think “talc” makes me breakout. Hence I stopped using it.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams lip swatches are all over YouTube & the internet. I find myself always watching these lip cream swatches & trying to figure out which shade I’d like to purchase. I have them in “Abu Dhabi” & “Cannes”.

While these lip creams are cheap but I am not a big fan of the formulation. They have a mousse texture to it. Good thing is they smell like vanilla cupcakes! 😀 But I don’t see myself buying any more lip creams from this range. I prefer their matte lipsticks. 🙂

So these are a few products that I’ve gathered. I will do more of these posts in the future when I have more products to share with you guys. Have a nice day! 🙂



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