How To Feel Better During Time Of The Month.

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Hey guys! I haven been feeling well over the weekend because it’s time of the month! 😛 Yes, I am pretty sure you girls out there can relate. Honestly I am not quite bothered by it usually but for some reason this month I’ve been feeling really exhausted, pale & light headed. 🙁

These things are definitely things that helped me got through my days. I hope this post might be able to help somebody out there. 🙂

1) Eat healthy.

I know it is super tempting to eat all the junk food you can, trust me. I ate 4 slices of pizzas over the weekend & it made me felt worst. Instead, incorporate food like a light salad. You really need to load up on veggies. I added salmon inside my salad too to make sure I load up on Omega 3 fatty acids too. 😀

That’s pretty much my lunch. It is super yummy! 🙂 I think I will appreciate more when I don’t feel as sick but I was surprised how I managed to finish the whole bowl of salad. Considering my appetite usually goes down the drain whenever I don’t feel well.

Tip: I usually eat small portions but more frequent throughout the day. I feel less sick for some reason.

2) Stay hydrated.

I know when you are sick even drinking water can be quite a burden. (at least for me :P) But to add some varieties instead of drinking plain water I ate a lot of fruits. You can also make yourself a cup of smoothie/green juice. That way you are ingested more veggies & fruits because they are all blended.

3) Get enough rest.

My bed is my best friend whenever I don’t feel well. Before taking a long nap I usually like to cuddle up under my comforter & catch up on some of my favorite series. Sometimes you really need to distract yourself from you sickness. I don’t know if that make sense but it helps me. 😛

Honey lemon with ginger is my best friend especially when I don’t feel well/time of the month.

4) Do some light exercises.

Asking me to do a full cardio workout session is definitely impossible this time around but I love going out for some fresh air. Even simple stretching makes me feel better. When you start sweating you will feel much better, trust me. 😀

Last but not least, chocolates! 🙂 I am not much of a chocolate kind of person but during time of the month I crave for chocolates the most. So I usually spoil myself with some chocolates. 😛

That it is for this post. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow because seriously, I hate it when I don’t feel myself 100%. 🙁



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