Me Day Routine.

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My “Me Day Routine” is kind of like a pampering routine but for my mind & soul. Emotionally instead of physically. 😛 I highly recommend anyone to do this at least once a week because it just sets your mind straight for a new coming week. I usually like to do this around the weekends. 🙂

  1. Start your day with your favorite cup for drink.

Whether is it coffee/tea. On this particular weekend I went with this green tea latte from my favorite local coffee shop.

2. Read a book.

Start reading. Any book really. Find something that interest you. I’ve been a huge book lover ever since high school but nowadays there are so many things that took my attention away and I haven been doing as much reading as I used to like back in the days.

Right now I am reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project”. Fun fact, the reason why this blog was created was because of this book too! 😛 Reading helps me to forget whatever I have on my plate and just relax and focus on the book. & I always learned so much after completing a book. Plus it gives me a new perspectives in things/how I view life. So definitely recommend reading. 🙂

3. Diary.

If you cannot commit to writing an entry every single day, try weekly/or whenever you have things in life that troubled you. I always find writing down things calm me a lot. Sometimes when I read something that meant a lot to me/happy events I like to jot them down too. That way when I read back my entries these are things that I am grateful for & keeps me going in life.

4. Exercise/Stretch/Meditate.

I am not an expert when it comes to meditation but I am keen on starting it. I am a type of person who gets panic & stressed up easily. But I’ve been doing some at home stretching recently. Not only it helped to improve my flexibility, it also helped to reduce my stress. It doesn’t take much time either. 10-20 mins is all you need. 😀

5. Start your day with a drink, end the day with one too.

Every good start of the day deserves a good ending to it too! 🙂 The weather has been brutal this winter & I’ve been loving a cup of hot honey lemon with ginger tea. Not only it keeps my body warm & toasty, my belly is warm & toasty too! 😛

So that concludes my “Me Day Routine”. Hope you found some inspirations/ideas. 😀



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