OOTD: Spring Is Coming!

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Hello beautiful people! 😀

It was Women’s Day yesterday & I went out with my friends. The weather was sunny & gorgeous of course I had to take this opportunity to be out in the sun because the weather here has been gloomy & rainy. 🙁

Grey T-Shirt: Zara.

Denim Shirt: Uniqlo.

Jeans: Zara

Coat: Zara.

Scarf: H&M.

Bag: Aldo.

Shoes: Nike Air Max.

Behind me is the famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral. 🙂

Turned out like a mini photoshoot with my friends. 😛 But I gotta say my friend’s photography skills is on point. 😀

I really had a good time yesterday. I enjoyed every single bit of the day. Definitely couldn’t ask for a better day like this. Celebrating it with the people I love & surround myself with people I care. 😀



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