Went for a morning movie date with my boyfriend today. The weather was pretty chilly & nice. I honestly cannot wait for spring to be here already! 😀

Hoodie: Gap.

Coat: Zara.

Jeans: Uniqlo.

Shoes: Nike Air Max.

Bag: Aldo.

Scarf: H&M.

We went for Lala Land this morning. The movie was alright but frankly I did not had much sleep the night before so basically I was on my auto pilot mode the whole time. 😛

Wrapping up this blog post & heading over to my friend’s place for a birthday party. Definitely looking forward for the companion & pizzas! 😀 Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂



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I feel like a GAP hoodie is just a classic that’s comfy and like Adidas just looks good no matter how slouchy it is!
Aleeha xXx


Yes, they are super classic. 😀 just checked out your blog & absolutely love it. 🙂

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