What I Ate In Day: Home Prep Meals.

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I’ve been a pretty good girl recently. Preping my meals at home & tried not to eat out too often. 😛

For breakfast I usually opt for cereal & milk on days when I am lazy/when I am rushing out the door. But if I am feeling fancy that morning I usually go for toast with avocado. Trust me, I can eat this for breakfast everyday! Super yummy. 😀

For lunch I’ve been eating salad a lot because they are quick & easy to make. Usually I have to rush out the door in a few hours time because I have to teach ballet classes in the evening hence a quick & simple meal is the best option. For this particular day I just washed up some lettuce & quickly pan fried my chicken nugget & zucchini. 😀 Yums!

My roommate has been pretty into baking lately so she baked some healthy & delicious oatmeal banana cookies. Literally shoved them inside my mouth one after another. I mean it’s healthy anyway without sugar & butter. 😛

I’ve been craving for honey ginger chicken for the whole week & finally went out to get the ingredients. Been enjoying this dish a lot & I definitely have to go with rice. You know, me being Asian I need my rice. 😛

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bloated & cramps on & off because it’s around the time of the month. I’ve been enjoying hot honey lemon tea with ginger a lot. Trust me, the most comforting drink during winter & it makes things even better when you have a bloated tummy because the ginger helps to eliminate the “wind” in your abdomen. Highly recommend everyone to try it! 🙂

So this sums up what I’ve been enjoying & eating lately. I hope you guys have been good & well. I have 4 days of short holidays & I cannot wait to just relax & occasionally go out with my friends to recharge myself for a new week. Take care & talk to you guys soon. 😀



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