Normal Routine: What I Ate In A Day.

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It felt like I haven been doing one of these what I ate in a day post plus I haven been eating very healthy recently to be honest. 😛 With exams coming & everything I’ve been eating out for lunch a lot.

For breakfast I’ve been loving this fruit muesli I’ve got recently. It has muesli, some dried fruits like bananas, raisins as well as shredded coconut. Some muesli can be quite sweet but I like how this one doesn’t. Definitely will repurchase it again. & I always pair with no lactose milk & that’s pretty much my quick breakfast. 😀

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been eating out a lot during lunch & particularly fast food. 😛 KFC recently came out with a new menu plus it’s on 50% off so I think it’s quite a great deal. I got the teriyaki chicken bites with rice, a large fries (because I am a huge fan plus it was right after exams! Gotta celebrate :P) as well as a cold green tea.

I’ve been slacking on dinner recently to be honest which is really bad I know. 🙁 I was too lazy & hungry to boil up some rice so I just quickly fried up some leftover drumsticks with some instant paste. & to make dinner slightly healthier I also fried up some long beans. 😀 & that’s pretty much dinner for me.

My semester is finally coming to an end by end of this week. I definitely cannot wait for my winter break! 😀 Hope you guys are having an amazing week so far. 🙂



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