What’s In My Bag: University Edition.

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Hello guys, I hope you guys have been well and good. I’ve just finished my monthly clinical cycle this week and I thought it’ll be great to do a what’s in my bag post. So let’s quickly jump right into it! 😀

I’ve been using my Kanken bag pack ever since I got them. I believe it’s about a year ago. I absolutely love my back pack! I bring it almost everywhere with me not just to classes. So, I am gonna go ahead and start off with the front little compartment. 🙂

So this is basically what I have in them. I’ve got my apartment keys with a cute little keychain that my roommate got me when she was in Taiwan. L’Occitane’s Shea Butter 10ml just in case I forget to bring my Nivea Macadamia Vanilla Lip Balm with me. It’s a super versatile product. You can use it as a lip balm or anywhere if you dry patches.

I’ll usually have a lipstick with me too but depending on which lipstick I feel like that day. Honestly I wear different ones everyday and by the end of each week I will have 3-4 lipsticks in that compartment. 😛 Let’s be real guys haha!

Of course, I have to have my student card (blue one) with me all the time because we need that to enter classes. Plus sometimes its good to have it around when I am out because you never know, spontaneous visits to museums & I can save 50% off. The red one is my library card. Hardly use it and not sure why it’s there haha.

Moving on to the main compartment. I’ll usually have my labcoat and cute little surgical cap inside this yellow Forever 21 plastic bag. Pretty self explanatory.

& of course, have to have these pair of ugly hospital shoes with me. I am not sure with hospitals around the world  but in Russia they are pretty strict with shoes. If you’re a student you are required to bring a clean changing pair of shoes. And if you’re a patient you have to buy this plastic shoe wrap thing before entering the hospital.

Always have a litre of water bottle with me because it’s so important to stay hydrated. And my pencil and purse. Both of them are from Kipling. I’ve been having them for the longest time, ever since high school. I was using a red purse that my grandma got me as a Christmas gift from Guess but recently I decided to switch it back to this one. 🙂

Last but not least, I have some antibacterial wet wipes with me. This seriously comes in handy and I’ve been trying to keep it a habit to always have wet wipes with me. The blue book is my credit book and basically without it I cannot graduate from this university. It’s my life! As important as my passport. 😛 & yes, I bring my passport around just in case, you never know what might happen.

These are just some important things I have with me most of the time but of course it all depends on what I have in that particular day. If I know I have long hour classes I will bring my powerbank with me. Or if I have presentations to do I will bring my laptop along as well. Certain classes require E-books and I have them in my iPad so I’ll bring it to class. It really depends on which clinical cycles I am having. Thankfully the one that just ended was a chill one, but the upcoming one will be super hectic!

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I will do another version of what’s in my bag (outing edition) soon. Have a wonderful weekend! <3



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