What I Eat In A Day.

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I’ve been pretty good with my meal time for the past two weeks. So I want to share what I typically eat in a day.

For breakfast I prepared sandwich to class. It was avocado, egg and mayonnaise. The bread is whole wheat bread with some seeds on top. My favorite kind of bread here in Russia as some of them have too many preservatives and doesn’t taste good.

I put my sandwich in a zip lock bag because I can save space in my bag and two, probably I am just too lazy to wash the container. πŸ˜›

For lunch I’ve been going to this cafe call Bratya Karavaevi. Absolutely love the raw salmon sandwich there. The bread is not too thick yet the right among of crisp, it also has egg with mayonnaise in it. Yes, I’ve been loving egg and mayonnaise together! πŸ™‚

I’ve been to that place way too often that the waitress already knew what I want. Goes super well with a cup of hot green tea on a freezing winter season. πŸ™‚

For dinner I had stir fry fish fillet with tomatoes, potatoes, onion and some instant fish paste. Of course I had to go with rice because dinner isn’t complete without rice. Was definitely a satisfying and hearty dinner.

As usual, I’ll always end my day with green tea. I’ve been snacking on so much junk food during supper. And I’ve also been obsessed with the red velvet cake from a local store. To “balance” out my supper I drink green tea for detox so I feel less bad about being naughty. πŸ˜›

That concludes what I eat in a day! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and have a great day! πŸ˜€



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