I’ve been a products junkie ever since I am into skincare/makeup/beauty related stuff. I’ve spent a lot of money on different products and hence, I came up with a few that I regretted buying. They range from high end to drugstore. So without further ado, let’s get into it! 🙂


I bought this Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation few months back because I was looking for a budget foundation. As I have combination skin with pretty oily T-zone, I thought I might want to give this a go. I used this once and never look back!

First of all, it looks super cakey and when you look up close some foundation actually settled into fine lines. I went out the whole day without checking the mirror and when I came home, the foundation oxidized and I actually look like an orange walking around the street the whole day! Oh boy, that’s not even cute! It’s a nay from me even though it’s super affordable.

I know a lot of people raved about Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara but unfortunately I am not digging it. I am glad that I bought the sample size and did not spend my money on the full size. The wand is big and fluffy which I do not like because my Asian lashes are short. It easily transfer some products on my eyelids & ruined my eyeshadow. Plus every time I wear this I ended up looking like a panda by midday. For that price I am paying I expected more from it. So for now I’ll just stick to drugstore’s mascaras because they are the best! 😀

Another well loved product in the beauty community but for some reason my skin just does not seem to agree with hyped up products. Honestly I love the colour and everything but unfortunately my skin breaks out from it. My beautician once told me that I shouldn’t use products that contain “talc” in it especially when I have acne prone skin. & I agree with what she said because I think bronzers are one of the culprit for my breakout as most of them contained this ingredient sadly. 🙁 Sorry Benefit Hoola bronzer, you’re everything I want but I can’t take the risk anymore! 🙁

Totally thrilled when I saw my local Nyx store finally carry this! It is the Nyx Liquid Suede in the shade “sandstorm”. Unfortunately it does not compliment my yellow undertone. I look “sick” wearing this shade. I think it’ll look perfect for those who are fair with cooler undertones.

Looks good on hand swatch but not as good on the lips. I can only pull this off with a darker lip liner underneath.

Colourpop has been very hyped up over the years. Finally decided to cave in and join the club to see what’s all the fun about. First of all, the price is reasonable. Actually, bloody cheap. But I am just not a big fan of the Ultra Matte formula. When they came out with the Fall collection I had my eyes on these two shades, “Viper” and “Love Bug”. I knew I had to get it!

I honestly do not like how drying the formula is and it settles into fine lines. Plus I can’t pull off the shade “Viper” because it dries down to a purple undertone. Not to my liking so it’s another nay from me. I really really want to love them but I can’t. Maybe I should try with a lip balm underneath and see how it goes.

Top-Bottom: Nyx Sandstorm, Colourpop Love Bug, Colourpop Viper.

Such gorgeous shades but what a waste! Hopefully Colourpop will improve their Ultra Mattes formula.


I am the girl that if I only have enough money to buy either makeup or skincare, I’ll choose skincare over makeup any time of the day. I personally think skincare is super important because if you do not take good care of the base/foundation of your skin, no matter how much makeup you put on the flaws still show through. It’s okay to splurge a little on skincare because these products are things that you leave on your skin overnight.

I’ve read a lot about Aesop from other beauty bloggers and I want to try it out for myself. I absolutely love their concept and packaging! I am a sucker for pretty packaging haha. My first purchase from them is this Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque. It smells amazing, easily washed off, no terrible skin reaction whatsoever. But, it does nothing for my skin. I do not see any improvements and with that kind of money, I think they are better masks out there. Just saying! Eg: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. 😛

One thing I love about Aesop is that they are super generous with their samples, at least from the outlet I went to in One Utama. The lady gave me several samples of this Aesop Elemental Facial Barrier Cream because I told her winter in Russia is crazy. Initially when I use this it shrunk all my acne overnight! No, I am not exaggerating! Within a few days my friends were asking me what products I am currently using because it did not only helped so much with my acne, it made my skin look clear and glowy. I knew I had to get a full size as a backup.

But good times never last, after awhile this little magic pot loses its magic and I did not see any improvements anymore. It’s such a waste to just leave it aside as it’s quite pricey. Maybe I should give it a go again or else I’ll just use it as a hand cream. What a waste! 🙁

That concludes my products that I regret buying. When I declutter more of the other products I will make a part 2. Hope you have a great week ahead! 🙂



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